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Wisconsin Judo Hall of Fame

Every year, Wisconsin Judo Inc celebrates and honors those who have made a significant contribution to judo in Wisconsin. The next Wisconsin Hall of Fame Dinner, to celebrate those inducted in 2019, will be held in January 2020.

2018 Donn Draeger Tim Feest Kathy Huff 2017 Tom Gustin Cindy Peterson John Peterson Doug Tono 2016 David Malek Kei Narimatsu Leland E. Roth Steve Stockwell 2015 Mark Frankel Robert Lace 2014 James Colgan Mehdi Mohammadian Irwin Cohen 2013 Charlie Hooks Rick Olstad Gregg Roloff Terry Smith 2012 Jon Sanfilippo Margaret Wood-Taylor 2011 Barb Theisen Dennis Staral Ed Judziewicz 2010 James Peterson Howard Fish 2009 Tony Truskowski Edmond “Bunky” Felmeth Linda Richardson Sarno 2008 Mickey Shoulders Lynn Roethke Edwin Happ Eugene Dee 2007 Richard Graham Richard Soliva Sandy Cornelius Brett Wood-Taylor 2006 Ron Hansen Neal Rosenberg

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