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Are we missing a dojo or do we have the wrong details? Please let us know. Email: info@wisconsinjudo.org

Find A Dojo

Wisconsin has some excellent judo clubs
- find one near you…

Club Olympia
Coach: Lynn Roethke
Address: Fond du Lac
Tel: (920) 924-7678
Email: behealthy@clubolympiawi.com
Welcome Mat
Coach: Mark Frankel
Address: Welcome Mat
Tel: (920) 251-0737
Email: mfran52011@icloud.com
Hogosha Judo Club
Coach: Jerry Cypert
Address: Hogosha Judo Club
Tel: (920) 296-6491
Email: hogoshajudo@aol.com
West Bend Judo
Coach: Jon Sanfilippo
Address: West Bend Judo
Tel: (262) 623-1449
Email: WestBendJudo@gmail.com
Madison Judo
Coach: Lesley Hutchins
Address: Madison Judo
Tel: (608) 772-8309
Email: info@madisonjudo.org
Lake Country Judo
Coach: Ryan Deming
Address: Lake Country Judo
Tel: (262) 354-8400
Email: rpdeming33@gmail.com
Kyu Judo
Coach: John Peterson
Address: Youth Sports
Tel: (262) 498-8090
Email: judoka.cindy@yahoo.com
Youth Sports
Coach: Tim Feest
Address: Kyu Judo
Email: badgrdref@wi.rr.com
Wahadachi Judo
Coach: Jim (Pete) Peterson
Address: Wahadachi Judo
Tel: (414) 719-0298
Email: wahadachijudo@me.com
Westosha Judo
Coach: Rhett Suhre
Address: Westosha Judo
Tel: (262) 716-1418
Email: rhett.suhre@yahoo.com
Five Senseis
Coach: Matthew Carpenter
Address: Five Senseis
Tel: (920) 570-0554

Fox Valley Judo and Jujitsu Club of Wisconsin
Coach: Mehdi Mohammadian
Address: 1143 Cherry Street, Oshkosh, WI 54901
Tel: (920) 231-2952 or (920) 312-0330
Email: mohammadian@sbcglobal.com

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